MD Shareef and Team meets with M. Maduvvari Council
October 20, 2016
MD Shareef and Team meets with M. Dhiggaru Council
October 24, 2016

Agreement signed to supply cables to Ha. Dhidhdhoo and N. Kendhikulhudhoo

An Agreement was signed between Fenaka Corporation Limited and Electro Metal Pressing Private Limited for the supply of cables for N. Kendhikulhudhoo and Ha. Dhidhoo today. While, Mr. Ahmed Shareef, Managing Director signed on behalf of the company, Mr. Chandranandana Diyunuge, Chairman signed on behalf of Electro Metal Pressing Private Limited.

This supply of cables is to upgrade the distribution network of both islands and to supply electricity to 250 housing units of Ha. Dhidhdhoo. Both projects costing over a total of 7 million MVR is to be finished within 30 days of the awarding date.

Ha. Dhidhdhoo Constituency Parliament member Mr. Abdul Latheef Mohamed also joined the ceremony. To conclude, Mr. Abdul Latheef Mohamed thanked President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayoom and the management of Fenaka Corporation Limited for their hard work and efficiency in maintaining 24 hours service.

Date Posted : October 23, 2016

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