The Coporation

FENAKA is an established business connected with the hearts of many Maldivians.

FENAKA Corporation Ltd

FENAKA Corporation limited ensures that island communities are provided with exceptional water, secure and reliable supply of electricity, sewer service and waste management systems. We also ensure that our team members are being provided with challenging, fulfilling and rewarding work experience.

FENAKA Corporation Limited was established on 18th June 2012 by a Presidential decree with the merger of for- mer six utility companies, as a limited liability company. The company is registered on 1st of August 2012 at Ministry of Economic Development.

FENAKA Corporation Limited is a 100% State Owned utili- ty company with a mandate to provide island communities with electricity, water, sewerage and waste management services. The key objective of this company is to ensure sustainable utility services to 16 atolls out of the 19 atolls with a total of 152 islands. With the inception of the com- pany, the main focus was to improve electricity services as electricity disruptions were a daily occurrence in the islands under company’s jurisdiction.

With these developments we aim to become the benchmarked utilities service provider in the nation.